How To Use Pokemon QR Codes Scanner On iPhone and iPad?

There is a good variety of pokemon games available. One of them is ‘Pokemon Sun and Moon’ developed by Game Freak. It has become very popular among the youngsters with one of the fastest-selling games in Nintendo’s history.

The game was launched on 18 Nov’16, basically designed for the Nintendo 3DS gaming console. But not every person out there has access to this device, so people use different methods and versions to get the game on their phone or pc for convenience.

Use Of Pokemon QR Codes Scanner

You can also obtain the mystical Pokemon Magearna with the help of the corresponding pokemon QR codes. An interesting add on is that you can share your registered pokemon QR codes with your friends and keep exploring.

Pokemon Sun and Moon provide a feature, Pokemon QR Codes Scanner, that allows the player to register a pokemon into its Pokedex, even Pokemon of other than Allola region can be added.

pokemon qr codes

Do It Just A Few Simple Steps

Well, Is it that simple to scan the codes with an iOS device, iPhone or iPad too? If your answer is no, this article will change it so.

It’s very simple, all you need to do is, swipe the first menu to the get to the other page and there you’ll find Pokemon QR codes scanner, there you can capture the QR codes unlocked ( Unlock or Download Pokemon QR codes if haven’t before ) and there you go, Pokedex comes up with all the information about the Pokemon.

An Easy Alternative

iPhone and iPads have separate options for scanning QR codes.

  • Go to Settings > General > Camera > Enable the ‘Scan QR code’ function.
  • Then focus the Camera on the QR code which is to keep handy, the camera itself detects that a QR code is being presented and gives a notification.
  • Clicking on the notification will take you to the link of the game and you will directly get to Pokedex as a pop-up.

Note: The details are verified with the latest version iOS 11, so it is recommended to use the same.


Each scan gets you 10 points ( some official QR codes are special and worth 20 points each ) and at 100 points, you are capable of scanning an island to unlock it. But there’s a scan limit of 10 at a time and after each scan, one of these icons collapses.

Scans are recharged at the rate of half every hour. So, basically you can go for one island per day at maximum. You can’t go with changing of time as it then resets the charge to 0 and you can’t scan anymore.

Doing the Island Scan will reset your scanned pokemon and will never allow the player to use the same pattern code again. It’s a little strict but very useful feature provided by the designer and director of the game Shigeru Ohmori, making it more interesting to play.

Recently, it is observed that Johto league starter pokemon are available on island scans on the weekends. Be sure to try your luck. Play Strong!

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