Why Paid VPNs are preferred over Free VPNs

Why You Should Rely On Paid VPN Services

VPN services provide security options over the internet that makes the internet security while you using the network. It is so much popular in businesses and large organizations because using that service employees get connected and access resources on a private LAN while they are located in the remote areas or temporarily out of office. There is paid VPN and free VPN services available in the market.

TOR is the best known services among the free services. This service is useful for those who need anonymous surfing once in a while. There are other VPN services available too but they lack of some advantages of paid VPN. For business purpose paid VPN services have some significant advantages while the free services have not.

Paid VPN Vs Free VPN

If you differentiate between paid VPN and free VPN the first difference between them you will notice is speed. If you browsing web pages the paid VPN servers do not take much time. Actually, free service means that the service is used by numbers of users which results in the lack of bandwidth. Bandwidth is not much cheap to provide at free of cost. So if you invest your money in paid VPN services, an amount of your money has been invested on the bandwidth. But free services Including TOR is not as faster as the paid one. In fact, free services may be secure your IP address but do not necessarily encrypt the traffic between you and your destination server which plays a great role among business issues.

Most free VPN services provide the protocol namely PPTP. But it is said this protocol is not secure enough to use. But on the other hand paid VPN providers allow to use the L2TP/IPSEC protocol which gives you more secure connection through VPN.

Free services should not use by the business organizations because the free servers do not provide the technical support if there any problem arise. Free service has no company name beside them so; they do not provide assistance to the users. If a free service fails there is no option to get back your money and there is no one who is responsible for that.

Naturally paid services are much better than free services for businesses as well as for individuals. The main advantage of using paid services is there is a company name beside the service so if any problem arises you can call them and they will provide services against your problems. The only advantage to use the free VPN service is that you can avail it anytime when you need a VPN network or an unnamed IP address. Except for the above advantage of a free service, the advantages of paid service are significant enough to use by the business users and for individuals who seriously need security and anonymity while using their internet network.

We will suggest you with some best-Paid VPN services that are really worth to be paid. You can find the best paid VPN service for Kodi. Here the VPNs are listed based on some important factors and is provided as a comparison table so that you can choose it on your own.

From the above discussion you can decide which service is better for you- the free one or the paid one. The choice is up to you.

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