Is EPSXE the best play station emulator for android?

Years back when Sony announced the PlayStation, it took the gaming world by storm. There is no doubt, the PSX is one of the best gaming consoles till date, the PSX / PS1 boasts of a huge library of games. If you ever owned this incredible console, surely you must remember having loads of fun playing your heart out. Wouldn’t it be great to enjoy those great games once again? Well, luckily you can. With our smartphones and smartphones, it is now possible to run your Android devices with some awesome PlayStation emulators which are present on the Play Store. But with the tones of emulators out there, which one do you choose? Don’t get confused we will help you with this. Here is some handpicked best PSX emulator of all time.


ePSXe is one of the best PlayStation emulators. This tends to be a bit easier to use. It is also very stable. It also supports split-screen mode, saves and loads states, customizable controls, support for hardware drivers and enhanced OpenGL graphics.

There are also add-ons that add extra features. This is the one you should choose if you want something that works immediately. Here is epsxe apk download link

1. Audio quality and latency.

ePSXe offers a precise audio engine that works with all PSX audio effects (volume, adjustment, reverberation, noise, frequency modulation, interpolation …) and all audio modes (PCM, XA and CDDA). Depending on the speed of your device, you can choose full sound effects (needed in some games) or turn off some sound effects to improve the emulation speed.

ePSXe offers several ways to manage audio latency between input / video and audio. By default, epsxe uses a large audio buffer that allows faster emulation and image processing speed, but can add additional audio latency. ePSXe includes some low-latency, “low” and “very low” modes that reduce the audio buffer for lower audio latency and require more CPU.

2. Touchscreen controls

ePSXe provides several touchscreen masks that support “digital” and “analog” commands. You can switch between digital and analog when you select DualShock mode via the swap mode button. The mask can also be hidden to play with external hardware keys or joysticks. The touch screen skin can be customized before playback. You can move, hide and resize the skin buttons. In the editor screen, you can edit “digital” and “analog” envelopes according to your needs.

ePSXe supports the addition of 6 additional buttons on the touch screen to assign additional emulation options, for example: “Combined buttons” (2 buttons in 1), “Sticky buttons” or special options (power status)). Loading / recording, random activation / deactivation).

3. Motor and video filter.

Hardware/software in GPU engine mode. Accelerated GPU software, including x2 resolution, shaded FXAA and optimized with Neon instructions. These features are included in software mode for legacy devices with incorrect OpenGL drivers. OpenGL HD graphics optimized by the Peopsxgl add-on. Increase the resolution of games based on the resolution of your device, including additional filtering options. Enables or disables the filter for people who expect to see games as if they were on the original PSX.

4. Bluetooth / USB joystick and hardware buttons

ePSXe supports the use of hardware buttons on phones or tablets (such as Xperia play or Archos Gamepad). ePSXe can also be used with an external joystick (via Bluetooth or OTG-USB). You can use the number of buttons and is compatible with analog triggers and shoulder triggers.

ePSXe provides joystick profiles: Moga Moga Sixaxis PRO – PS3, Nyko Gamepad PRO iPEGA, Xbox 360, Archos, Nvidia Shield and Ouya, and mapping options to map all types of game controllers supported by Android

ePSXe supports and allows the assignment of some keys for additional functions, such as state registration/load, menu and Framelimit activation/deactivation.

5. GameList

The games must be provided by users. You can back up your games from your original CD-ROM or at very low prices in stores like eBay or Amazon.

ePSXe requires that the games are not compressed on the SD card (previously, to detect and play). You may need tools like “7zipper”.

Final words:

So according to our research ePSXe is by far the best PSX emulator available for Android. It is compatible with many devices and offers a wide range of games. I hope this article helps. happy Gaming!

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